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I haven't posted in awhile, BUT watched a plethora of J-Horror that I have to comment on...

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Aug. 24th, 2006 | 02:43 pm
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posted by: queenofpentacle in cynobite77

Well my stepdaughter was in town this last couple of weeks and we made a huge effort to watch all the J-horror that we could get our hands on in the evening hours when everyone was sleeping!!  We managed to find some really good ones!  

First we watched The Locker/The Locker 2 (Shibuya Kaidan).  Both Miranda and I loved it.  Upon discovering this phenomenon of J-horror, I've been trying to get a list going of the ones I need to see, so far so good!!  I loved this one, it's got some slow scenes but all in all I thought it was very very creepy, and the added bonus when I rented this one it came with the second one on disc.  Needless to say we were up till all hours of the morning making sure we made it through both, I think I liked the second better, but maybe that was just the ambience of 3am in the morning, lol!

Next on the list was The Eye, it was okay.  I say that because I was expecting really creepy/something to keep you up all night kinda thing.  And while it was good the scenes the acting. I felt like it was more to the tune of The Sixth Sense or The Others.  It was still good, but seriously I was expecting more.  

The we made  a huge mistake....not being able to find Dark Water the Japenese Version, we had to settle for Dark Water American Version.  I was not impressed it was SOO slow, and not creepy.  I was bored, and not scared and bored....did I mention that.  Needless to say I am awaiting the arrival of the ORIGINAL and my local Blockbuster!!

After all that we rented Pulse and I was impressed with that one. It had several very creepy scenes and I love end of the world, I mean hey if we're going to go out we may as well do it in a big way.  I loved it.  Miranda however was not too impressed, but hey she's 16!!  lol

AND FINALLY but definetly not last, my absolute favorite movie!!!  

ONE MISSED CALL!  I loved it.  It was creepy!!  It was scary...and yes I think I may have slept with the light on...now I'm not saying it's the best but I just loved it!!  I cannot say enough about it.  Death via cell phone, it's perfect.  I love the way a lot of the J-horror is wrapped around technology.  Being able to curse with video tapes cell phones computers.  It all makes the old haunted house thing obsolete.  I mean yes I love my haunted houses, but this just seems so modern, and I guess rather natural, why shouldn't ghosts and curses move through technology?  It makes sense.  It just so everyday, and I love it.  Makes things a bit more interesting.  But I have to say one of the reasons I loved this film, it had people on the ceiling and hanging off walls AND of course, my personal fav creepy-ness unnatural body movement.  I know sounds stupid, but in the scene of the death televised, I literally was watching through my fingers, I hate that!!  And love it.  

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