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Aug. 3rd, 2006 | 01:37 pm
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posted by: queenofpentacle in cynobite77

Well I just watched this brilliant little flick called High Tension, and I was very impressed.  It's kinda that old school 70's slasher genre but I really enjoyed it.  Its was actually full of "high tension."  And once again it had the big twist at the end that I oh so love.  

Story is about a couple of girls taking a break before finals, to hang out with Alex's parents place.  Marie the friend seems to be a little edgy to begin with and before long the slashing begins!!  It's gory it's scary and it's definetly now one of my favorites!!  My only probelm with it was this, at the beginning of the movie, she's so prepared for an attack, is there any background to that?  I mean there's no way that even if placed in the middle of danger like that i would be able to think that clearly.  At any rate, it's fantastic, loved it, stayed up till all hours to watch the damn thing!  


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