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I haven't posted in awhile, BUT watched a plethora of J-Horror that I have to comment on...

Aug. 24th, 2006 | 02:43 pm
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posted by: queenofpentacle in cynobite77

Well my stepdaughter was in town this last couple of weeks and we made a huge effort to watch all the J-horror that we could get our hands on in the evening hours when everyone was sleeping!!  We managed to find some really good ones!  

First we watched The Locker/The Locker 2 (Shibuya Kaidan).  Both Miranda and I loved it.  Upon discovering this phenomenon of J-horror, I've been trying to get a list going of the ones I need to see, so far so good!!  I loved this one, it's got some slow scenes but all in all I thought it was very very creepy, and the added bonus when I rented this one it came with the second one on disc.  Needless to say we were up till all hours of the morning making sure we made it through both, I think I liked the second better, but maybe that was just the ambience of 3am in the morning, lol!

Next on the list was The Eye, it was okay.  I say that because I was expecting really creepy/something to keep you up all night kinda thing.  And while it was good the scenes the acting. I felt like it was more to the tune of The Sixth Sense or The Others.  It was still good, but seriously I was expecting more.  

The we made  a huge mistake....not being able to find Dark Water the Japenese Version, we had to settle for Dark Water American Version.  I was not impressed it was SOO slow, and not creepy.  I was bored, and not scared and bored....did I mention that.  Needless to say I am awaiting the arrival of the ORIGINAL and my local Blockbuster!!

After all that we rented Pulse and I was impressed with that one. It had several very creepy scenes and I love end of the world, I mean hey if we're going to go out we may as well do it in a big way.  I loved it.  Miranda however was not too impressed, but hey she's 16!!  lol

AND FINALLY but definetly not last, my absolute favorite movie!!!  

ONE MISSED CALL!  I loved it.  It was creepy!!  It was scary...and yes I think I may have slept with the light on...now I'm not saying it's the best but I just loved it!!  I cannot say enough about it.  Death via cell phone, it's perfect.  I love the way a lot of the J-horror is wrapped around technology.  Being able to curse with video tapes cell phones computers.  It all makes the old haunted house thing obsolete.  I mean yes I love my haunted houses, but this just seems so modern, and I guess rather natural, why shouldn't ghosts and curses move through technology?  It makes sense.  It just so everyday, and I love it.  Makes things a bit more interesting.  But I have to say one of the reasons I loved this film, it had people on the ceiling and hanging off walls AND of course, my personal fav creepy-ness unnatural body movement.  I know sounds stupid, but in the scene of the death televised, I literally was watching through my fingers, I hate that!!  And love it.  

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(no subject)

Aug. 3rd, 2006 | 01:37 pm
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posted by: queenofpentacle in cynobite77

Well I just watched this brilliant little flick called High Tension, and I was very impressed.  It's kinda that old school 70's slasher genre but I really enjoyed it.  Its was actually full of "high tension."  And once again it had the big twist at the end that I oh so love.  

Story is about a couple of girls taking a break before finals, to hang out with Alex's parents place.  Marie the friend seems to be a little edgy to begin with and before long the slashing begins!!  It's gory it's scary and it's definetly now one of my favorites!!  My only probelm with it was this, at the beginning of the movie, she's so prepared for an attack, is there any background to that?  I mean there's no way that even if placed in the middle of danger like that i would be able to think that clearly.  At any rate, it's fantastic, loved it, stayed up till all hours to watch the damn thing!  


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Hi, and Welcome to my Community!

Aug. 2nd, 2006 | 01:14 pm
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posted by: queenofpentacle in cynobite77

Hey Fellow Horror Fans!
I’m not even quite sure where to begin with all this so I’ll start at the top.
My name is Shauna, and I’m a Horror-holic. I have been using fear for the roughly the past 20 years. It started out quite simply by picking out a couple of books out of my little library in small town BC, one of which was Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark, another one was Myths and Legends. It took a downhill spiral from there. I have seen so many movies, some good, some GREAT, and some were entirely laughable. But I just keep at it. As long as they keep making them, I’ll keep watching them.
Some of my favourite authors are Stephen King, Clive Barker, Thomas Harris, HP Lovecraft, Kelley Armstrong, and Dean Koontz. Some of my all time favourite books would have to be IT, Pet Semetary, Lasher, Hannibal, Insomnia, Bag of Bones, Bitten, and Tales of the Undead. Movies, lets see. They all kind of link into categories right? For the Zombies (I LOVE TO FEAR ZOMBIES, no idea why they just freak me out) anyway Pet Semetary -sidenote, since having kids, I have not been able to A. Pick up the book. B. Watch the movie, weird huh? Dawn of the Dead, City of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead, I mean you get the point. I have to add Shaun of the Dead, because I found it absolutely brilliant!! 

Next category lets see, Vampires, why not. Dracula (Francis Ford Coppola), I just adored the film, I think it must have been the way it was shot, it was so photographic and mixed up. I LOVED IT! I did, really enjoy Interview with the Vampire, although I was completely leery about having Mr Pretty Boy Cruise playing Lestat, I was pleasantly surprised by it. Queen of the Damned of course, it was a really well put together film. Loved Lost Boys, from the days of my youth! 
Next up, Ghosts! Poltergeist, The Sixth Sense, The Others, Ghostbusters 1-2, The Haunting, the Gift, Amityville Horror, which by the way I have to say I loved the remake, I wasn’t expecting much all in all, but I actually jumped a couple of times, which is fantastic in my books!
Hmm…this is getting longer then I thought it would, okay I have some actual mundane things to do now, so I’ll leave it at that, but hopefully someone will trip across this little community and be interested enough to sign up!

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